Ванна Wellis Venus

Размеры: 1700×730×770 мм
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- 1700 × 730 × 770 mm
- Double-walled, dirt-proof acrylic tub body
     Thickness of the exterior acrylic layer: 3-4 mm
     Thickness of the interior acrylic layer: 4-5 mm
- 15-18 mm thick multi-layered insulation with thermal foil
- Drain and overflow

Double-walled framework:

Thanks to the massive 2-layer construction a heavy steel supporting framework is not needed, therefore it can be installed on statically critical slabs as well.
A special insulation material between the 2 acrylic layers ensures the preservation of the water temperature.

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Размеры: 1700×730×770 мм
Материал чаши: Акрил
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